five websites to swear by When Wedding Planning!

Let’s be honest wedding planning is never easy, but what if you had some websites that could make it a WHOLE lot easier. We have compiled five of our favorite websites to use when wedding planning.

  1. The KNOT-

    The Knot is one of the main players when it comes to wedding planning. From their search tools to the budget planner you can do everything in one place. They have a checklist that coincides with your wedding date. My favorite part of the Knot is their Wedding Budgeter. You put your budget in and then it give you the percentage of how much you have spent and keeps track of what you have paid. This is a great tool for keeping track of everything.

  2. ZOLA-

    Zola is a great wedding website builder. It has over 286 free templates that allow you to put everything in one place. It is easy to customize, easy for guests to maneuver and you have matching website templates. Not only does it have all of these amazing features, but it has the easiest wedding registry experience. When you have a Zola website, you can have a Zola registry that integrates with your wedding website to keep everything in one place. 


    You are going to LOVE this website. It accesses the contacts in your phone and allows you to get a list of everyone’s addresses in one place. You do not have to rely on granny’s little black book. You can also have a link generated to send out to your Facebook friends. Another feature allows you to choose from multiple Save the Date options and it will print, stamp and mail everything.


    Let’s be honest, you have been pinning wedding inspiration WAY before you got engaged. Pinterest makes it so easy for you to take an idea, search it and then show it to your event coordinator. A new feature I like is the image search tool. It makes it easy to search for multiple images from your initial inspiration.


    There are groups within the Facebook network that a geared towards newly engaged. Whether you are looking for advice or decor, I highly recommend using Facebook to your advantage.

Cristina Ebberman